Japanese characters not displayed / missing character sets


we have some PDFs that are written in Japanese letters.

On our production system (Linux Ubuntu 14.04) the conversion PDF → XOD is not done properly. Some pages contain Japanese letters but these letters are not displayed when viewing the document in the PDFTron WebViewer. When viewing the original PDF in the WebViewer all letters are displayed, so I think it has something to do with the (conversion to) XOD.

On my development machine (Linux Ubuntu 18.04) this conversion is done without any errors - all pages contain all letters. So I think it’s related to the OS and its installed fonts / character sets.

Can you provide information about font / character set packages that I have to install in order to solve this problems?

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The issue is rooted with the author of the PDF file itself. Whenever someone generates a PDF file without all font data embedded, then no one can guarantee that it will look the same everywhere.

Since there are endless number of fonts in the world, then there is no set package.

I suspect just updating your server’s version of Linux would resolve the issue.

That being said, you can certainly, and easily broaden your servers coverage of the most common fonts, and the most common parts to the unicode range.

Google Web Fonts are all open source, and would be a great place to start.

Thanks Ryan, installing Google Web Fonts solved the issue.