Linearized PDFs can fail to download - race condition?

WebViewer Version: 8.10.0

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Linearized PDF files byte range loaded in

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The file fails to ever start downloading. The code is being called and begins to run but it seems like annotationsPromise is never resolving.

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  1. Programatically or call downloadPdf to download the large pdf in byte range chunks
  2. Try to download the file as soon as PDFtron will let you it’s sorta a race condition so doing it very quickly is the most reliable way to replicate.
  3. In file downloadPdf.js it does call “let annotationsPromise = Promise.resolve()”, and then it hits “annotationsPromise = core.exportAnnotations({ useDisplayAuthor }, documentViewerKey)” but the .then() after it is never being called “annotationsPromise.then(async (xfdfString) => {});” which triggers the file to download.

It can be replicated on the PDFtron demo website if you try it a few times, the download overlay here will just keep looping over and over because I assume the promise never resolves.

Would you be able to share the code to reproduce this issue?

What code would you like me to share? Does PDFtron have a stackblitz template? The steps listed can be done on the PDFtron website to replicate. The code in the screenshot is PDFTron webviewer source code.