Linearizing PDFs

I want to linearize an existing pdf using pdfnet SDK. I’m trying using java PDFNet SDK.

doc = new PDFDoc(file.getAbsolutePath());, SDFDoc.e_linearized, null);

The pdf file is still not linearized as I could see the Webviewer throwing the message.

Reason: The file is not linearized.

Is this for every PDF you try, or only specific ones? If specific please send one to support at (or post here if you can).

If any PDF file, can you let us know what version of PDFNet you are using.

Yes. It is happening for all files.

Office docs converted to pdf are linearized. But, the PDFs are not getting linearized.

Can you call PDFNet.GetVersion and let me know what that returns.

Also, can you reproduce by modifying one of our SDK samples? Or does this only happen in your project?