Linker errors with PDFTron 6.1.0 XCode 5.0.2


I have a project that we have been using PDFTron for quite a while to edit PDFs, add annotations etc.

I have just gone through the process of upgrading to the latest vesion (I also updated all the 'tools' files .h and .m located in the sample projects. I am now getting linking errors when I try to build the project and am not sure what I have done wrong.

This is the error I am getting:

'objc-class-ref' in /Users/design4/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Sanport-bsqurlnotdhtlhcsmxixktqpvgcf/Build/Intermediates/ contains undefined reference for architecture i386

Please help?

Bradley Park

Hello Bradley,

The RichMediaTool requires the iOS frameworks AVFoundation and MediaPlayer to be linked in. This informations is also included in the release notes and read me.


Hi James

Thanks for the response. I now feel like a real chop because I just missed that… Doh.

Everything seems to be just fine now.

Thanks again.