Loading XOD documents in the viewer

WebViewer Version:8.0.1

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I am using react in frontend with the webviewer
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Pdftron wbviewer not able to load XOD

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Hi I am using the Webviewer to render PDF, I want to render the XOD files which I converted from the same PDFs. Please let me know the exact steps to load XOD documents in the web viewer and load them

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I tested a couple of XOD files on our demo site and I didn’t see any problems:
Version 8.1.0 (you can see some XOD files from the dropdown)
Version 8.0.1

If you still have issues with loading XOD file, can you provide the following information?

  1. the XOD file and the original PDF you are loading
  2. access to your application or your WebViewer related code (so we can try to reproduce on our side)