LoadLocalDocument Pdf is not working


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Loading pdf document via instance.ui.loadlocaldocument is not working

Hey, I am having an issue with Pdftron’s WebViewer.
First, I installed the WebViewer in the HTML website ( manual integration ) according to the documentation.
Using the Instance.UI.loadLocalDocument I could successfully preview any DOCX and image files.
But, unfortunately, When I tried to open a PDF file, It’s showing an error message that says, “Failed to execute 'readAsArrayBuffer” on FileReaderSync’: The requested file could not be read. typically due to permission problems that have occurred after a reference to a file was acquired".


I don’t think loadLocalDocument is an API on the UI namespace or in WebViewer. Did you meant loadDocument?

I don’t believe I have encountered this error before and it is likely due to a security permission issue like the error mentions. I am not sure how you are loading the document and what permissions are on the document. Perhaps you could share the file so I can attempt to reproduce this on my end as well as the code you are using to load the document.