Looking for a product that can disable the Save As and Save in a PDF.

Q: I am looking for a product that will disable the Save As and Save in a PDF. The PDFs we use are posted to our website and we want to remove the ability to save in any form to prevent someone from posting it to their own website. Do you have a product that does this?

A: Unfortunately Acrobat Reader is a black box and there are very limited customization options. The Reader does not have option to disable ‘Save As’/‘Save’ and even if it had the files are saved to temp folder which would make it really easy to access the file even if there was such option. A user could also always use another PDF plug-in that includes Save option. PDF format itself does not include a mechanism to disable saving of local of files.

A potential solution to your problem is SilverDox (http://www.pdftron.com/silverdox). With SilverDox you can stream PDF files to a fully customizable viewer where you can control every aspect of user experience (http://www.pdftron.com/silverdox/samplecode.html). Also because SilverDox does not keep any temporary files (everything is in memory) it is used by many companies as a ‘safe’ replacement for Acrobat.