Looking for a simple PDF viewer control

Q: I am using a PDFNet and I’m quite comfortable with PDF processing
APIs now. The technology that I’m using is C#.Net. I just wanted to
ask if you have a PDF Viewer kind of control.

The requirements in detail are as follows:

1) Should be able to open and show a .pdf file.
2) Should be able to open and show a secured .pdf file(password-
protected). The password will be known to the developer. So, he/she
can provide it in the code itself.

I need not do any operations except for opening and showing a .pdf
file through a C#.Net application.
A: As a starting point you may want to take a look at PDFViewSimple

For a bit more advanced PDF viewer, please see PDFView sample project:

Both samples come as part of the SDK.

Also both samples show how a passord can be supplied to open secured
PDF documents. You would use pdfdoc.InitStdSecurityHandler("my pass");