Low quality some pages on XOD WebViewer 8

Product: We are using a XOD on WebViewer

Product Version: WebViewer 8.1.

We are having a problems with the quality render of XOD on some pages. This problems is happening when we are navigating between pages of XOD. Sometimes some pages is stay in low quality and never load on full quality. This happen only in some pages of our documents. We tried convert again the PDF to XOD but not working anyway.

This problem are happening in random way, is not ever same pages.

Hello Jorge,

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I need some more information to reproduce the issue:

  1. Are you using WebViewer Server?
  2. Is there a file that reproduces this issue more than others (can you attach it?)
  3. How are you loading the documents?
  4. Are you converting to PDF to XOD on the fly when loading? or is it loaded as XOD?


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