Mac OSX PDF Viewing using PDFNet SDK


We have successfully evaluated PDFTron for Windows, and have solved all
of our technical problems. Many thanks for your help.

I have now moved onto evaluating the OSX version. I have had some
problems building your samples included in the web download (i386
version), and also running them. The link error is a follows: dyld:
lazy symbol binding failed: lazy pointer not found

There is also no sample for PDF::PDFView that I can see. This is the
main class we are using as our application is using PDFTron to render
and print PDF documents. Do you have any sample for using this class on
the Mac OSX so that I can see how the Bitmap output should be used.

The link error is a bug in GCC compiler on Mac OS X (you may want to
search apple developers forum for more information). As a workaround
you could link with the debug version of the library (or upgrading gcc
compiler to newer version).

Unfortunately we don't have an interactive sample project for PDFView
class on Mac, however the use case should be very similar to the
Windows version. You would need to provide callbacks that would copy
the bitmap (i.e. call bitblt) to the main window, etc. The pixel format
for the bitmap buffer is 'BGRA'.

Another approach is to use PDFDraw class to rasterize a bitmap in
memory. Then you could pan the bitmap yourself or request additional
for zooming, etc. In this case you would need to re-implement some of
the functionality already available in PDFView class.