MaintainAspectRatio not working


when creating a custom StampAnnotation (Image), setting the attribute MaintainAspectRatio does not keep the ratio when resizing the image.

var stampAnnot = new Annotations.StampAnnotation();
stampAnnot.PageNumber = currentPage;
stampAnnot.X = 30;
stampAnnot.Y = 30;
stampAnnot.Width = finalSize.width;
stampAnnot.Height = finalSize.height;
stampAnnot.Author = annotManager.getCurrentUser();
stampAnnot.Rotation = rotation;
stampAnnot.ImageData = imageData;
stampAnnot.MaintainAspectRatio = true;

WebViewer Version “”

Any ideas?


Hi there,

The maintain aspect ration feature is not supported in the 3.1.0 version of WebViewer, we will have to upgrade your WebViewer at leat to 4+ version of WebViewer. The MaintainAspectRation feature was added later in the 4+ version, not the 3.10 version.

Sardor Isakov
Web Developer