MapToUnicode() can't be applied to CIDFont font

We are intermittently getting an error calling PDFDoc.Save. It doesn’t
happen every time. It doesn’t necessarily happen on the same output
file. BTW, the output file pages are from 3 separate PDF input files,
where we merge pages by account number, and reorder pages. There is no
original content we are adding. I can not identify a condition that
either consistently makes the error happen or not happen. Otherwise
successive test runs are taking identical inputs, and producing an
identical output. From your experience can you give me a clue for
possibilities to pursue please?

pdftron.Common.PDFNetException occurred
Message: An error occurred while trying to save the file.
The file might be locked, corrupt, or unavailable.
Detailed error:
MapToUnicode() can’t be applied to CIDFont font.
Conditional expression: false
Filename : SDFDocImplSave.cpp
Function : trn::SDF::DocImpl::Save
Linenumber : 578

at pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc.Save(String path, SaveOptions flags)

Lee Gillie, CCP
Online Data Processing, Inc.

A CID font is never supposed to be used directly (it is always accessed via parent Type0 font). As a result, it seems that you are either dealing with a corrupt file or are somehow accessing a child/derived CID font instead of using the parent (i.e. Type0) font.

If you would like you can send your test file(s) to support at pdftron com and well take a look.

Update: This was a confirmed issue in PDFNet v6. The problem is now resolved and a patch is available.
The official 6.1 (with the patch) will be released in early November.