MapToUnicode() can't be applied to CIDFont font.

Hello we are seeing this error intermittantly and randomly with various files. I cannot reliably reproduce. I found this same error cited in this posting ( , but the post says it should have been fixed in 6.1. We are using the latest 6.2.1. Notice the line numbers are different in the two errors: Environment is Java on Linux.

Message: An error occurred while trying to save the file.
The file might be locked, corrupt, or unavailable.
Detailed error:
MapToUnicode() can’t be applied to CIDFont font.
Conditional expression: false
Filename : SDFDocImplSave.cpp
Function : Save
Linenumber : 599
Error code : 0

at pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc.Save(Native Method) [PDFNet.jar:]
at [PDFNet.jar:]


Hello Brian,

I believe this issue has been resolved in the nightly builds (e.g., Please give that build a try and let me know if it fixes the behaviour for you.