Maximum file size limit and document quality for document conversion using StructuredOutput

we are using pdftron license and structured output module for conversion of pdf to office documents.

currently using PDFTron 10.6.0 and StructuredOutputLinux lib .

What is the maximum file size limit for document conversion from pdf to ms office?

The largest document I have tried is 101 MB with 1959 pages and it took around 29minutes to process it.

Our requirement is to convert a pdf document to below MS Office types

Documents: doc, docx, docm, odt, dotm, docb

SpreadSheet: xls, xlsx, xlsm, ods, xlt, xlm, xltx, xltm, xlsb, xla, xlam, xll, xlw

Presentation: ppt, pptx, pptm, odp, pot, pps, potx, potm, ppam, ppsx, ppsm, sldx, sldm

We need to know how efficient is conversion to these formats. Any limitations we have on these conversions?

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Hi jvuyyala,

There are no set file size limits for converting PDFs to Office formats using the PDFNet SDK and the Structed Output Module. The conversion times you see are dependent on more than the size of the the input document, but also the complexity of the file as well. Larger files with a simple format may convert faster then a document with a more complex structure. Your machine settings, cpu/memory/etc… can also affect the conversion times.

Currently using PDFTron 10.6.0 and StructuredOutputLinux lib
The current version of the SDK is 10.9. If you are testing I suggest updating to the latest for any updates since 10.6.

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