Migrating from Google Group

PDFTron previously hosted forums on Google Groups for many years.

Below are instructions to help those existing Google Group forum members migrate to this new Discourse powered PDFTron Community forum.

1. Claiming your Google Group email address
If you use the same email address you will automatically be associated with any of your Google Group posts that transferred over.

2. Subscription settings
In Google Groups you could have the following four settings.

Each email — Messages sent individually as they’re posted to the group.
Digest — Up to 25 complete messages combined into single emails and sent daily.
Abridged — Summaries of up to 150 messages combined into single emails and sent daily.
No email — Messages from the group are not sent.

To replicate the following in Discourse following these steps.

Each email
Go to your Preferences and add the Categories you want to watch. Select All of them if you like, or pick only the one care for.

Note, you might prefer the Tracked or Watching First Post options instead of Watched. See Discourse documentation to learn more about each option.

Below mapping will help you map from the old Google Group to the new Categories you see in the screenshot above.

groups.google.com/g/pdftron-webviewer-sdk-announce => Announcements
groups.google.com/g/pdfnet-sdk-announce => Announcements

groups.google.com/g/pdfnet-sdk => Technical Support PDFTron SDK
groups.google.com/g/pdfnet-webviewer => Technical Support WebViewer

Digest and Abridged
You can use the Emails Activity Summary setting.

No email
Uncheck the Activity Summary option.

Product Announcements
To only get notified about new product releases, see this post

Discourse is well documented, so for further documentation and assistance on controlling notifications please search general discourse topics on the web.