Migrating PDF project (implemented using C++) from VS2003 to VS2005.

We are migrating our project from VC++ 2003 to VC++ 2005 and we run
into some conflict when integrating VS2005 PDFNet SDK. Just wondering
if anyone else has run into someting similar?
Since you are migrating to VC++ 2005, make sure to define
_HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING=0 and_SECURE_SCL=0 pre-processor flags on
files or projects using PDFNet (as is done in all sample projects).
The problem is that VS2005 'secure SCL' feature (similar to MS 'secure
CRT' library) is not part of the standard C++ library and is not
supported by PDFTron (at the moment). Still, if you want, you can use
'secure SCL' and 'checked iterators' as a default in all your VS2005
projects. The only place where you need to declare these macros are
functions that directly use PDFNet (you can also separate these
functions in a separate file(s) and declare macros only on these

If you have a very complex application you may want to build a
separate module (DLL) using PDFNet API (see
http://www.pdftron.com/net/faq.html#cpp_compatibility). This will
eliminate potential conflicts with other libraries and will give you
more freedom over individual modules.