Minimum JDK Version for PDFNET Java edition

Q: One of our client needs an all-in-one tool that allows to split/
merge PDF and to extract all the first page into images (Gif/Png) from
a web context (JAVA/Struts) and using a command line tool.

PDFNet seems to be a really good solution but i need to know which is
the minimum requirement concerning the Java JDK version to use the
Java API. (1.4 ? 1.5 ? 1.6 ?)

We actually run the JDK 1.4.2 on our production servers, is PDFNet
Java API is fully functionnal for us ?
A: PDFNet SDK officially targets Java 1.4 and higher (so it will work
with JDK 1.4.2). Most of the APIs will also work on Java 1.3 or 1.2.