Missing output file

Product: HTML2PDF

Product Version: 9.3.0

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Missing output file when converting from HTML to PDF

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I am trying to convert a HTML to PDF using the HTML2PDF add-on module.
The .html file contains a table with 4000 rows.
No styling is applied to the file.
I have tested on Ubuntu 20.04 and on a Windows 10 machine and on both I get the same error.
The html2pdf_chromium.so / html2pdf_chromium.dll have all the necessary permissions and are located in the root folder where the main js file is located.
I am not using .setModulePath as isModuleAvailable returns true.

            .then(async () => {
                await PDFNet.HTML2PDF.isModuleAvailable();
                const html2pdf = await PDFNet.HTML2PDF.create();
                return html2pdf;
            .then(async (html2pdf) => {
                await html2pdf.insertFromHtmlString(body);
                return html2pdf;
            .then(async (html2pdf) => {
                const converted = await html2pdf.convert(document);
                // converted = false
                const log = await html2pdf.getLog();
                // Missing output file : ...
            }); // ...

Most likely you are hitting a timeout.

Please increase HTML2PDF.WebPageSettings.SetTimeout(int)