More info regarding GetBBox() method.

Q: From PDFTron Doc for GetBBox()

Calculates the bounding box for a graphical element (i.e. an Element
that belongs to one of following types: e_path, e_text, e_image,
e_inline_image, e_shading e_form). The returned bounding box is
guaranteed to encompass the Element, but is not guaranteed to be the
smallest box that could contain the element. For example, for Bezier
curves the bounding box will enclose all control points, not just the
curve itself.

In the case of a text element. Can you describe exactly what
GetBBox() is returning? Is it returning the bounding rectangle of
the glyphs that make up the string of text? Is it returning the
bounding rectangle based on the font point size, leading etc?
A: pdftron.PDF.Element.GetBBox or
pdftron.PDF.TextExtractor.Word.GetBBox return the rectangle that
surrounds all of the glyphs in the given text run. The coordinates are
represented in the default PDF page coordinate system and are using
units called points ( 1 point = 1/72 inch = 2.54 /72 centimeter). So
the returned bounding box already accounts for the effect of current
transformation matrix (CTM), text matrix, font size, etc.