Movement/Adjustment of FreeHand Annotation Line Position Between Strokes on iOS

We notice that with the FreeHand annotation on iOS (version 6.5.3c) there is a slight movement/adjustment of a line after you finish drawing it i.e. between strokes if you are writing freehand text. We have had complaints from our customers that this makes it hard to write accurately when they are using this feature to write freehand on a PDF. I checked out your demo app and notices that this movement/adjustment only happens when you tap the “Save” button. I have checked our code and cannot see that we are saving the document when a user pauses between drawing strokes. Can you advise how we can change the behavior to avoid the movement/adjustment of the line position between strokes.



The Save in the freehand toolbar is just to commit the annot to the PDF, but does not actually save the modified PDF anywhere. If you closed the PDF without saving, then the annotation would not appear the next time it was opened.

As for the slight movement, this is due to differences in the algorithms (iOS versus PDFNet) used to draw paths between control points. We are working on a changes to eliminate this difference, but it will be in a future (not yet scheduled release).

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your reply - this gave me the clue that I needed to fix up the issue that the customer has reported. I realised that I needed to set multiStrokeMode to YES for the FreeHandCreate tool and then commit the annotation once the user has finished drawing strokes.