Multiple license keys

We have 2 different license keys one which allows conversion to XOD and another which allows us to encrypt files.

We have a single service written in c# .net where we want to convert to xod and then DRM a PDF version.

Flow is

PDFNET.Initialize("key with ToXod priveleges");
pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXod(sourcePdfFile, targetXodFile);

using (PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(sourcePdfFile))
     .....various security setup.....

     // Save the changes.
     doc.Save(targetSecuredPdfFile, 0);


The doc.Save fails with the following "Message: Your license does not include write permission." because the first license key used to initialize does not have write priveleges.

The PDFNET.Initialize seems to ignore keys supplied in subsequent calls so how do I perform both these operations in a single service if they require different license keys?

Thanks, Tim

Hi Tim, once you initialize the process with a key you cannot load a new license key.

Questions like this are best answered through direct support, please email support or sales, with your company name/license keys so we can help you.

Thanks Ryan. I will followup directly with support.

Cheers, Tim