Navigation bar issue

Product: PDFTron (PDFNet)

Product Version: PDFNet (

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I have implemented your SDK. I have a navigation & status bar with custom colors. I want to give the same color to the PDFDocumentViewController. Also, I am facing some glitches in the navigation and toolbar.

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Just download the sample app and run it on iOS 15.0

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Herewith I am sending you the sample code & sample video.
ViewController.swift (1.8 KB)

Can you please help to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding this issue.
It should be possible to change the color of the navigation bar when a PTDocumentController is shown by setting the barTintColor of the navigation bar. Does this approach work?
If you are able to provide a more complete sample project that would also help us to recommend a solution.

Hello Team,
I tried with the navigation bar color, But still, it is not working.
Here is the sample project link: GitHub - AnandSharma0821/PDFTronDemo


You can try adding the following code to the end of the application(_:, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) function in the AppDelegate class:

        if let rootViewController = window?.rootViewController,
           let navigationController = rootViewController as? UINavigationController {
            navigationController.navigationBar.standardAppearance.backgroundColor = .red

Hello Team,
Thanks for the support. With the help of your inputs. Was able to resolve the issue.