Need help calling Page.GetUserUnitSize in 5.9 .NET API

When we build against x64 all is fine. We call Page.GetUserUnitSize the project won’t compile in 32-bit. I believe the issue is that the API varies between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the 5.9 .NET library.

Since I can not find a way to resolve this with conditional compilation, I have been detecting 32-bit/64-bit at runtime, and then making calls using Reflection. In this way binding is resolved at run time, not compile time. I resolved some issues like the destructor for Page. It wants “Dispose” for 64-bit and “__dtor” for 32-bit. Using reflection in this way, everything compiles for both platforms.

But the problem I am having trying to do something like this for Page.GetUserUnitSize is that the documentation for 32-bit seems to be trashed. First in the summary of Page Methods it does not show this method requires a parameter. But when you look at the docs for the method itself it shows that it returns a double, and has a parameter that is a double. So I wonder what the parameter is so I can know how to call it. But it displays red error messages on the documentation page. (shown below).

So what I am asking of you is to explain to me what the call parameter is, and how it is used, so that I can code the 32-bit version of this call.