Need help regd Webviewer loadDocument function with Angular Material Tab

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loadDocument function of WebViewer is not working inside angular material tab (mat-tab-group) when I visit another tab and comes back.

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I am trying to load WebViewer inside an tab (name: docPreview). It loads fine using this function loadDocument. But if I go to another tab and come back to docPreview tab, same function loadDocument doesn’t work. I am not getting any error also.
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  1. Two tabs and one tab has webviewer
    mat-tab-group →
    A. mat-tab label=“Document Preview”
    → app-document-preview

       //this tab has web viewer component. It shows document fine when I load it first time.

B. mat-tab label=“OtherTab”
→ app-OtherTab-view
2. Web Viewer code (inside app-document-preview). It instantiates a variable named wvIns.
ngAfterViewInit(): void {

  path: '/assets/lib',
  initialDoc: ''
}, this.viewer.nativeElement)
  .then(instance => {
    const { UI, Core } = instance;
    const { documentViewer, annotationManager, Tools, Annotations } = Core;
    const { Rect, Quad} = instance.Core.Math;
    // call methods from UI, Core, documentViewer and annotationManager as needed
    this.wvIns = instance;
  1. My function getDocument loads document. it gets a blob and calls it. I can see document is loaded properly.
    getDocument(obj: any): void {




  1. But this function doesn’t work if I go to another tab and comes back. I can see it is calling below function but nothing is happening. I tried it with valid hardcode PDF link too and it is not working with that either

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Hello vrana289,

Welcome to the PDFTron Community Forum!

  1. Are you getting any errors? If so can you attach photos of the stacktrace
  2. Are you able to send a minimal sample that has this issue reproducible?

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am not getting any errors except pdf is not loaded. I have put complete code at

Here is the main sample code

  1. PDF view component code
    import WebViewer, { WebViewerInstance } from ‘@pdftron/webviewer’;

    selector: ‘app-pdf-view’,

    ngAfterViewInit(): void {


    path: ‘/assets/lib’,

    }, this.viewer.nativeElement).then(instance => {

    this.wvInstance = instance;


loadDoc(): void{



2. PDF view HTML
<input type=“button” value=“Load Doc” (click)=“loadDoc()”>

<div #viewer class="viewer"></div>

3.Main component code which has tabs
Sample PDF Viewer

<mat-tab label="Document Preview" >



<mat-tab label="Other">



The above code works fine until I have visited other tab. After that, clicking button LoadDoc does nothing.

Hello vrana289,

I believe this is because when you switch tabs the instance is destroyed when rendering the other viewer, I would suggest moving the WebViewer instance outside the tabs logic outside it’s tab, and then pass it in.

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer