.NET: Curent page delegate, PDF annotation copy/paste, WPF PDF Control

Q: We are currently utilising PDFTron (version within our .NET application to generate and view PDF documents. However, we have got a few questions related to viewer:

  • Is there an event that fires when the currently selected page changes – we want to display an automatically refreshed page number

  • Does PDFTron support drag and drop of annotations and notes around the pdf document? If so do you have any sample code showing how to do this?

  • Is there a more recent build of WFP control? We would like to decide between WinForm (pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl) and WPF control (pdftron.PDF.PDFViewWPF).


Is this question with respect to PDFViewCtrl? If you can set the current page delegate as shown in PDFView sample:

_pdfview.SetCurrentPageHandler(new PDFViewCurrentPageDelegate(UpdateStatusBar), main_form);

Yes. There is build-in option to allow annotation editing (PDFViewCtrl.ToolMode.e_annot_edit). This is illustrated in PDFView sample under ‘Menu’ > ‘Tools’ > ‘Annotation Edit’. PDFView disables Copy and Paste operations by overriding a custom ‘print’ menu, however this could be disabled.

We are also about to release WFP version of PDFNet that include other alternative control (PDFViewWPF) and options to edit the document (see PDFViewWPF and PDFViewWPFSimple samples).

You can download the RC versions using the following links:

PDFNet for WPF (.NET v4+: 32-bit): http://www.pdftron.com/IDR49Z9-B31B/PDFNetDotNet4.zip

PDFNet for WPF (.NET v4+: 64-bit): http://www.pdftron.com/IDR49Z9-B31B/PDFNet64DotNet4.zip