.Net Maui IOS Simulator Build on Mac with M1 Chip

Product: PDFTron.IOS

Product Version: 10.9.0

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.Net Maui builds fail with “building for iOS Simulator, but linking in dylib built for iOS”

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  1. Login to a Mac with a M1 chip (ARM64 Architecture)
  2. Create a .Net Maui app using .Net 8 (Just the basic app)
  3. Install PDFtron.IOS and PDFtron.IOS.Tools
  4. Select an emulator to deploy to, I used iPad (10th generation) iOS 17.2
  5. Run the application, the build should fail with the following or similar errors:
    “error : clang++ exited with code 1:”
    "error : ld: building for iOS Simulator, but linking in dylib built for iOS, file ‘[YourMacDestination].nuget/packages/pdftron.ios.tools/10.9.0/lib/net7.0-ios16.1/Tools.resources/Tools.framework/Tools’ for architecture arm64

When I build and deploy to an IOS device (Not a Simulator) it works fine. It seems the packages were not built to support ARM simulators? When can we expect a new build with this rectified if my assumption is correct and is there a workaround for now?

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Thank you for posting the incident to our forum. We will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Thank you for reaching out. This is expected behavior, please use x86 for your simulator, or use a physical device

Hi, I have reverted to a real device as I do not have a x86 simulators. I have a mac with a M1 chip ARM architecture. Are you saying this will never be supported?

At this time, it is not planned to be supported, but that could be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding at this time.