Not able to edit the imported annotation in PDF or in XOD


We are using 'WebViewer' in mobile to view the XOD file. I am able to export and import the annotation properly using the 'Annotation Manager'.

But after importing the annotations, when I modify any annotation, it is not updating the view.

we faced the same problem in Web also using either XOD or PDF file.


Now we are using ‘setInternalAnnotationsTransform’ to set form data in the XOD instead of using the ‘importAnnotations’ method.

In this way, I am able to modify the annotations. Please let us know whether this was is correct or not. Also we are not sure about the performance impact.

Thanks and Regards,

Please note there is a separate forum for WebViewer client specific questions.!forum/pdfnet-webviewer

Yes this will work fine and there shouldn’t be any negatives to performance. This is the same method that is used by WebViewer when loading annotations from a serverUrl.