Not able to open pdf in iOS mendix app

Hello Experts,

We are facing an issue while opening pdf in iOS using react-native. Same code is working for android.
Are we missing something here for ios configuration?
We have developed this app using Mendix.


Hi - the error is indicating that you aren’t providing a valid URL. We support http, https and file schemes, ie strings that start with “http://”, “https://” and “file://”.

What is the exact string that you providing?


Hi James,

I am passing this string: “http://HOST_IP:8080/rest/prsworkpackageservice/v1/downloadworkpackagedocument/gelFgU$4JJDXIB/Test PDF” and its rest service url. This is not working.

But tried with this URL : “” and its working.

Hi @upendra.patil.ext,

The issue is that the URL contains a space which is not being interpreted correctly by iOS’ URL handling.
The space needs to be ‘percent-encoded’, i.e. replace the space character with %20:


Does that work for you?