Object selection in PDF documents using PDFNet


I want to be able to click on a set of PDF objects (lines, text, etc)
and have it display some textual information that is associated with
those graphics.

Is there a way to do that in PDF, and if so, what would I use in
PdfNet to do it?


You can implement this using PDFNet SDK. As a starting point you may
want to take a look at PDFView sample project (http://www.pdftron.com/
net/samplecode.html#PDFView). The C# PDFView sample project also
illustrates how to create additional interactive PDF tools such as
rectangular zoom, link creation and navigation tool, markup
annotation, etc.

When a 'mouse click' event occurs (i.e. OnMouseDown in .NET or
OnMouseClick() in C++/MFC) you could use ElementReader class and find
the object that intersects the point (use element.GetBBox()). Then you
can use Element interface and associated graphics state to find any
information about the graphical object.