OCR recognition



I downloaded and tested your Java example for OCR recognition. I had expected that the PDF files, which are created as a result of the OCR recognition, would be searchable with the Acrobat Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous Release Version 2012.001.20155) . However, the PDF is not searchable. Is that due to the test version of PDFTron?

Best regrads

No, the expectation is that the PDF would be searchable in any PDF software.

Is this issue with every PDF you tried?
Even the PDF used in our OCR sample test?

Otherwise, if the issue is file specific then please send the input and output PDF files, so we can review further. If the file is confidential, you can post here instead: https://www.pdftron.com/form/request/

Many thanks for the answer. I have now found the problem. It was my fault. I did not have the current PDFNetC.dll in the system directory. With the current version it works as expected.