Office Document to PDF Conversion - PDF/A, Digital Signatures

Q: I want to convert MS Office documents to PDF from my application, which are developing in C# 4.0

Below are the document extensions

“.doc”, “.docm”, “.docx”, “.dot”, “.dotm”, “.mpp”, “.one”,

“.pps”, “.ppsm”, “.ppsx”, “.ppt”, “.pptm”, “.pptx”,

“.pub”, “.puz”, “.sldm”, “.sldx”, “.vdxm”, “.vsd”, “.vst”, “.vsx”,

“.xl”, “.xlc”, “.xlm”, “.xls”, “.xlsb”, “.xlsm”, “.xlsx”, “.xsf”

And after converting I need to add digital signature and convert to pdf/A format

So please with which type of control above functionalities will be full fill.


You can convert from Office to PDF as shown in Convert sample project ( In case Office is present the conversion may still work but it would go through a virtual printer driver.

You can save resulting PDF documents with ‘pdftron.PDF.PDFA.PDFACompliance’ as shown in PDFA sample:

Finally you can also apply a digital signature using low-level APIs (as shown in the attached sample), however the next PDFNet update will also include high-level signing utility functions - simplifying the signing process for most common cases to one line of code.

Q: Thanks for your mail. I had some trouble with MS project plan file(mpp)
and viso files. The files are opening but not converting to pdf.

Can you please confirm which are supported file files for conversion to PDF?

A: PDFNet Convert SDK supports the conversion following Microsoft Office

   - docx
   - docm
   - dotx
   - doc
   - dotm
   - dot
   - xlsx
   - xlsm
   - xltx
   - xls
   - pptx
   - pptm
   - potx
   - ppt
   - pot
   - potm
   - ppsx
   - pps
   - ppsm
   - pub
   - vsd
   - vsx
   - vss
   - vst
   - vtx
   - vsw

The converter also supports direct conversion from many non-Office file

   - XPS
   - EMF/WMF
   - RTF
   - TXT
   - HTML
   - BMP
   - GIF
   - TIF
   - HDPhoto
   - JP2
   - JPX
   - TIFF
   - PNG
   - JPEG
   - XAML
Documents that are not included in the above lists can still be converted
by PDFNet provided that they can be printed by an appropriate application.
To ensure that your document can be converted, make sure that the "print"
command is visible on the document's context menu (see image below).


See this link for more information about the print verb commands: *