OnClick action of a ToolManager.ToolType.e_text_highlight created highlight ?


I’m using PDFViewWPF, in .NET/C#.

I need to be able to cleanly add highlights (ToolManager.ToolType.e_text_highlight) to a PDF document int he viewer, and then be able to OnClick (or MouseUp) on those highlights after they are created to run a custom method. The creation and saving of the highlights is no problem using the ToolType.e_text_highlight. The issue is being able to click on it afterwards to run a custom method that is required to serve some business rules for my customers app.

If anyone has a C# solution, I’d love to see it !..my deadline is looming ! :slight_smile:



If you want to run some extra logic after the annot was added to the document, then you probably want to do that in the tool, as the last step. Trying to do it later on a click is probably going to be more work.

If this does not help, then you need to provide more detail on what you are trying to accomplish.