Opening a PDFDoc in C#

Q: Given the following piece of code

PDFDoc objPDFDoc = new PDFDoc(myPath);

I noticed that there are cases when this throws an exception (e.g file
is corrupt etc)

Is there a way that I can create an empty PDFDoc object and then load
some pdf?

This will help me use try-finally block and make sure I always close
the handle no matter what exception is thrown. Something like this:

PDFDoc doc= new PDFDoc();

Also can you tell me if PDFNet SDK includes native 64-bit support?
A: You can create empty doc with new PDFDoc(), but my guess is that
you are looking for the following:

PDFDoc doc= null;
Try {
  doc= new PDFDoc(myPath);
finally {

Even better you can use 'using' keyword in C# so you don't need to
call Close() explicitly.

using (PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(myPath))

tell me if the PDFNet SDK includes native 64-bit support?

Yes, PDFNet offers native 64-bit support on all platfroms (.NET /
JAVA / C/C++ etc).