Opening Pdf is shown when we open an image in PDFTron

Product: PDFTron/ PDFNet

Product Version: 9.2.3

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when we open any image(.jpeg format) in PDFTron. it shows opening pdf rather than opening image.

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Is there anything so we can remove that message from our side.?

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Hi there,
This is working as expected - images and other file types that are convertible by PDFTron are converted to PDFs before they are opened.

If you have any other questions, please open a new ticket on our Customer Support portal. Thank you.

So is there any way to alter or remove that message. because this issue is raised by our QA team.

Currently there is not an API to control that message, but we could consider adding support for it in the future.
If this feature request is important for your use case, then please open a new ticket on our Customer Support portal so that we can discuss your requirements:

Yes, please create a ticket for this. it is important for us