Padding of FreeTextAnnotations


I replaced the CoreControls.js file with mine, but now there is a new issue:

When I create a Callout annotation, draw the two lines and type some text, the textbox jumps to the left side, although it should be placed where I put the text.

I attached a video to demonstrate it.

This bug didn’t occur with the old CoreControls.js, I just tested it.


pdftron-bug.mp4 (60.1 KB)

Hello Christian,

It looks like there were some unintended changes between your version of and later versions, it caused this behavior. I quickly found the issue and fixed it and produced a new CoreControls.js file and sharing it with. Here is the link

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best Regards,
Sardor Isakov
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems Inc.