Passing Custom function to default error message OK button

WebViewer Version: 10.6.0

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for few of the file formats (i.e. .xltx), user is facing a message box “Error Loading Document”, and this dialog message box has OK button in it, we need to add a functionality to that default OK button.
Not just for this particular error message box, but for any error box, we need to add a function to it’s OK button.

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do take a look at below attched file.
sample (1).xltx (9.6 KB)

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Hello Arjun,

We have a function in our API to add our own custom error box here: Apryse WebViewer Namespace: UI

We also have a load error event for document load error handling here: Loading-events | Apryse Documentation

Please let me know if this works for you!