PDF/A document processing

Q: We want to use the PDFNet SDK to process pdf-files exported from a
report engine (add some images, merge them etc.). Because this files
have to be archived in the PDF/A format, we are responsible to our
customers that this files are PDF/A compatible.

I have read in the forums your statements about PDF/A, and in the


you mentioned that you may offer some PDF verification and preflight

Is there something in an upcoming version of PDFNet SDK that can help
us to verify that our pdf output belongs to the PDF/A subset, for
example something like "PDFDoc.IsPDFACompatible()"...?
A: If your PDF files exported from the report engine are in PDF/A
format, then it is easy to preserve PDF/A compatibility during PDF
processing (i.e. simply resaving using PDFNet will not remove PDF/A
compatibility; you can also make sure that your PDFNet modifications
don't invalidate PDF/A compatibility).

If the input documents may or may not be PDF/A compatible, you could
use PDFNet SDK to verify whether a document meets basic PDF/A
requirements. Although the current PDFNet API (i.e. v.3.85) does not
have 'PDFDoc.IsPDFACompatible()' utility method, you can implement
this function by checking different document properties (e.g. using
SDF or Cos API). We will most likely include similar utility method in
a future PDFNet release.

If an input document is identified as not being PDF/A compatible, you
can also use PDFNet API to convert the file to PDF/A compatible
document. This task is not as simple as validation, however it can be
done, and we have customers who implemented similar functionality as
part of their applications.