PDF Android Viewer: Views in multiple Fragments?

Q: It seems that the straight forward approach is to have a single view
where all interaction with the PDF takes place, right?

I’ve been asked to create and Android version of an iPad app which works
in a way that would make most sense to convert using a ViewPager along
with several Fragments (one for each page) which are created/destroyed
as needed.

and let each fragment bind a view (of a suitable page) to that one. Is
this possible, and if so, do you have template for best practice?

If it isn’t possible, any suggestions are very welcome.

As a hint: The application will allow the user to access a (daily
changing) list of PDF files and make it possible to collaborate with other participants. The goal is to save a lot of
paper while also making life easier on the users.
From my ideal perspective I’d like to open the PDF as a single instance

A: You are right, the best approach is to have a single view since all basic navigation/zoom is done by the control itself. But since PDFViewCtrl extends ViewGroup, you can actually place it wherever you like in your layout.

Also, PDFViewCtrl can be used with Fragments. The way you use it with Fragments is basically the same way you would use it within an Activity, except for the different calls from the Fragment class. You can check this forum posting for more information: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/pdfnet-sdk/kuBavqkqKko/discussion