PDF annotation support, file size on Android/iOS

Q: PDFNet SDK for Android seems to do most of what I want, however a few questions:

1.) Isn’t there an annotation type that displays the note text on the page, i.e. without touching it?

2.) Is there any way of listing all annotations in a pdf with links to them?

3.) Why is the app so big? Any options to slim it down?


  1. You can use the pdftron.PDF.Annots.FreeText class for this purpose.

  2. Currently, PDFViewCtrl doesn’t have it built in. However, you can find the annotations from a PDF document yourself and display it somehow in your own android.view.View. Note that PDFViewCtrl is derived from android.view.View, and it is easy to have multiple Views in your android Activity (app). To get the annotations from a PDF page, you can use the following sample code:

Page page;

int annot_num = page.getNumAnnots();

for ( int i = 0; i < annot_num; ++i ) {

Annot annot = page.getAnnot(i);


  1. Please take a look at the topic at the following link: