PDF download filename Change

Hi Team,

How to change Default Download file name currently the filename is like “tH2IQEKsKZW5kc3RyZWFtDWVuZG9iag1zdGFydHhyZWYNMjc0OTc4DSUlRU9GCg== (4)”.
Can you please let me know how to change file name using WebViewer.

Suresh M

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You can change the download filename for the initialDoc by passing the filename option into the WebViewer constructor. For loadDocument calls you can pass filename as an option in the second parameter. For example:

  initialDoc: '...',
  filename: 'myfilename.pdf'
}, viewerElement);


instance.loadDocument('...', { filename: 'myfile.pdf' });


Hi Matt_Parizeau,

Thanks for your update. It is working fine now.

Suresh M