PDF export to EMF/WMF

Q: Out application framework is WPF and I need a PDF viewer component
for WPF. I was looking at the PDFTron PDFNet SDK. Should I instead be
looking at the SilverDox SDK or does the PDFTron SDK include the

A: You could either use PDFNet SDK or SilverDox. Which one you use
would depend on your functional requirements.

In case of PDFNet the built-in control (PDFViewCtrl) offers lots of
ready to use functionality (such as document annotation, markup,
navigation, etc). PDFViewCtrl can be used in WPF like any other
WinForm control (e.g. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/37360/Winforms-WPF-Interop.aspx,

For a very simple example of how to use PDFViewCtrl in WPF please take
a look at WPF_PDFViewer.zip in Files section of this group (http://
pdfnet-sdk.googlegroups.com/web/WPF_PDFViewer.zip.doc). To go around
zip limitations in googlegroup save the file as ZIP instead of DOC.

In case of SilverDox you would need to use
pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToSilverlight() to convert PDF and other document
formats to Silverlight XPS. You would then use WPF or Silverlight API
to display or manipulate the document. The main disadvantage is that
it may take a while to open the document (due to conversion).

For a concrete example, please see (save the file as ZIP).