PDF File being rendered incorrectly (white background becoming black)

WebViewer Version: 8.2.0

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My pdf file is being rendered incorrectly in pdftron. Areas in the pdf that are supposed to have a white background is being rendered as having a black background.

The file in question
ERD Sample - Student Course.pdf (11.2 KB)

Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:
1.) Upload the file I attached to this post to pdftron demo site https://www.pdftron.com/webviewer/demo/
2.) Look at the rendered pdf

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The issue is that the PDF is non-conforming to the PDF standard. In particular some of the non-stroking/fill colors, in the RGB color space, are being set to 255 255 255 like the following example.

0.52157 0.46275 0.36078 SC
0.52157 0.46275 0.36078 sc
255 255 255 sc
56 368 m
152 368 l
152 368 160 368 160 360 c
160 248 l
160 248 160 240 152 240 c
56 240 l
56 240 48 240 48 248 c
48 360 l
48 360 48 368 56 368 c

The first sc call is valid, all operands in range of [0.0,1.0] but then there is second call to sc which overwrites the previous setting but now its in an invalid range. The color range is not [0,255] integers in a PDF.

Are you able to contact the author of the PDF?
If so they should be informed that they are incorrectly generating/editing PDF files.

I see, but if the PDF File is not adhering to standards, how come opening the pdf file in either chrome/adobe reader does not cause the issue to appear? We were expecting that pdftron viewer should be render the file as how chrome/adobe reader renders it.