PDF FormField with 'POP-UP Dialog' items doesn't not 'HIGHLIGHT' with selected options, and Closing the 'POP-UP Dialog' without selecting any values, clears the existing data was present in form field

PDFTron Android SDK 9.2.1
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PDF FormField with ‘POP-UP Dialog’ items doesn’t not ‘HIGHLIGHT’ with selected options, and Closing the ‘POP-UP Dialog’ without selecting any values, clears the existing data was present in form field

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Open a PDF with form data , Select a form field with ‘POP-UP Dialog’ with a value pre-filled, See that ‘Pre-filled’ values doesn’t highlight on ‘POP-UP Dialog’. And if user doesn’t select any value from ‘POP-UP Dialog’ and if dialog closes, the pre-filled form data gets cleared.

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Thanks for contacting us. Is it possible to provide the PDF file in your video so we can debug on our end?

If you wish to send this file privately, could you please open a support ticket with us?


Please find the attachment.
pdftron_sample.pdf (142.8 KB)


Thanks for the PDF, but it seems like the form fields have been flattened to the document. I am unable to interact with the field elements even in other apps (such as Adobe). Could you please resend a copy that has the form fields intractable like in your video?


sample_pdftron_xfdf_data.txt (9.9 KB)

Kindly find the xfdf sample for the above attached PDF. Please remove .txt and add extension .xml after downloading the file.



Thanks for sending the XFDF, but unfortunately I am unable to reproduce your issue. When I open the select box the selected item is highlighted. Could you send a working sample project where you can reproduce this issue?

This was achieved with the following code:

    public void onTabDocumentLoaded(String s) {
            File f = Utils.copyResourceToLocal(this, R.raw.sample_pdftron_xfdf_data, "sample_pdftron_xfdf_data", ".txt");
            Uri uri = Uri.fromFile(f);
            FDFDoc xfdfDoc = FDFDoc.createFromXFDF(uri.getPath());