PDF header not found. The file is not a valid PDF document when use dochub tools


PDFTron DocPub utility 9.4280734.

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PDFTron DocPub utility 9.4280734.
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An error message occur , when use dochub convert 0_.doc(this file is really doc file).

D:\test>.\docpub\docpub.exe .\zhihao\0_.doc
Unsupported format. The file can not be converted.
Error: An error occurred while converting the file.
Detailed error:
         Message: PDF header not found. The file is not a valid PDF document.
         Conditional expression: false
         Version      : 9.4.2-a2633dd18a
         Platform     : Windows
         Architecture : AMD64
         Filename     : Parser.cpp
         Function     : trn::SDF::Parser::SkipHeader
         Linenumber   : 1165

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just convert on documents .

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The proper command would be the following.

docpub --format pdf 0_.doc