PDF Library feature check: PDF merge, linearize, convert etc

Could you please verify that I can use PDFNet SDK for JAVA for the following:

  • convert word doc and ppt files to PDF
  • set PDF version (8 or greater)
  • set open options (so when you open the pdf it opens with outlines in left pane, and content in right pane)
  • set linearize (Fast web view to Yes)
  • PDF password unlock
  • PDF merge

It will be great if we can set all this in one pass

A: Using PDFNet you can implement all of the requirements and generate a PDF in a single pass.

To convert from MS Office and other formats to PDF please see Convert sample project:

Convert: http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/samplecode.html#Convert

Please note that MS Office and virtual driver conversions work only on Windows.

To set the version please see:




To set ‘open’ options you would use pdfdoc.getViewPrefs().set…()

To linearize (Fast web view) PDF files you would pass e_linearized flag in PDFDoc.save(). For example:

doc.save(outputFile, SDFDoc.e_linearized, null);

To remove password/encryption simply use pdfdoc.RemoveSecurity(), than save the document using pdfdoc.Save(…).

For an example of how to split & merge PDF, please see PDFPage sample: