PDF library to sign and fill-in PDF forms on iOS and Android


We are working on an iPad application which has the following requirements. We think we can use your PDFNet Mobile PDF SDK for iOS to achieve this. Please confirm if this is possible. It would be great if there is an example already which you can provide for us to look at.

The iPad application will download pdf documents. Once these documents are downloaded into our app, they will need to be filled out by the user. Then the user will proceed to sign (through hand gesture?) the document. Once signed the document will be read-only so that no further modifications are allowed.

  1. Can we can use the PDFNet Mobile PDF SDK for iOS to build an app and proceed to fill out the pdf forms in our app
  2. We can capture the user signature on the pdf document
  3. Once signed, we can turn the document read-only so that no further modifications are allowed


Yes, PDFNet for iOS fulfils your app’s requirements. To answer your specific questions:

  1. Yes, the sample app that ships with the SDK implements form filling and saving.

  2. PDFNet can add a bitmap to a PDF at a specified location, so PDFNet can fulfill this requirement if you implement a control to capture a user’s signature, or use/modify the built-in freehand annotation capability.

  3. After filling out the form and signing the document, you can use PDFNet to “flatten” the annotations which removes the annotations and saves their appearance directly to the PDF. You may also set the PDF’s permission to restrict modifying the document, however following the permissions is dependent on compliant viewers,. You could also use PDFNet to embed a digital signature that can be used to guarantee that a document has not been modified after signing.

If you would like to download a trial copy of the SDK please fill out the request form at http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/mobile/request_trial.html and a member of our sales team will be in touch with a download link.