PDF Print Performance


I need to print PDFs. I am able to use PDFNet to print PDF in .NET
application. My PDF would normally contain Barcodes (almost the 4-5
barcodes in a page and around 7 pages in a file).

In some cases it takes a while to print a PDF containing 6 pages. Do
you think you can help me on this?

The fastest way to print a PDF document is to send it to the printer

For example:
  lpr -S servername -P printername filename.PDF

This assumes that the printer can directly accept the PDF file.

In case this is not an option there are couple of options to print PDF
using PDFNet SDK.

Basically you can switch between Built-In and GDI+ rasterizer.

For example, you could try using GDI+ based rasterizer instead of
'Built-in' rasterizer.

Simply uncomment the line:
// pdfdraw.SetRasterizerType(PDFRasterizer.Type.e_GDIPlus)

And comment out the following line:

You can find more information comparing GDI+ and BuiltIn rasterizer in
PDFNet SDK Knowledge Base (http://groups.google.com/group/pdfnet-sdk;
and search for keywords such as "Comparing PDF rasterizers").

We are also in the process of implementing a new rasterizer engine
(separate from Built-In or GDI) that will speed-up high-quality
printing of arbitrary PDF documents on any printer. The new rasterizer
will be available early next year [AMC subscribers will receive the
new add-on engine free of charge].