PDF Printing options using PDFNet SDK

We need to show the standard windows print dialog one time and apply
those settings to multiple PDF documents when printing. We have
investigated multiple ways of doing this and are having trouble
finding something (or some method) that meets all of our
requirements. I have downloaded the trial of the PDFNet SDK and do
not see an easy way of applying settings from the Windows print dialog
(or any print dialog) to a print job in the SDK.

Is this possible in your API?

A: There are multiple ways a document can be printed using PDFNet.

Assuming that you want to print PDF documents couple of options
(StartPrintJob and PDFDraw) are illustrated in PDFPrint sample:

Both of these can be adopted for use with standard Print Dialog (which
would be invoked in your code, prior to printing). You would extract
the settings from Windows Print Dialog and would use then to set
options in arguments to pdftron.Print.StartPrintJob(...).


Alternatively you could use PrinterSettings and code from Example 2

Please keep in mind that are also other ways to print PDF using PDFNet
but we would need to know what are your specific requirements.