PDF silent print

Q: Can I use PDFNet SDK (http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet) to force a pdf
to print silently to a specified printer by name (e.g.
"CheckPrinterABC", and not just the default printer)?

We need to print checks to a special check printer (and can not allow
the user to select which installed printer to use from a windows print
A: You can use PDFNet SDK to print silently to a specified printer by
As a starting sample you may want to take a look at PDFPrint sample:


If you are developing under .NET (C#, VB, ...) to suppress the print
status dialog box, you can instantiate StandardPrintController instead
of PrintControllerWithStatusDialog (which is the default):

PrintDocument printer = new PrintDocument();


printer.PrintController = New StandardPrintController

as opposed to

printer.PrinterController = New PrintControllerWithStatusDialog

which is the default settings.

To select a given printer just specify its name. For example

printer.DocumentName = _distQueueID;
PrinterSettings settings = new PrinterSettings();
settings.PrinterName = _destination;

if (settings.IsValid)
  // Open the PDF document.
  _pdfdoc = new PDFDoc(_pathToDoc);

  // Start printing from the first page
  _pageitr = _pdfdoc.PageBegin();

  // Create PDF rasterizer object - PDFDraw _pdfdraw = new PDFDraw();
  printer.PrinterSettings = settings;

  // Set the PrintPage delegate which will be invoked to print each
  printer.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(PrintPage);

  // Start printing

  // Close the file

If you are developing using C/C++ you can swap the following two lines
to print to a specific printer:

  pd.hDC = ::GetDefaultPrinterDC();
  // pd.hDC = CreateDC("winspool", "\\\\pdftron\\HLPJ9300", 0, 0);