PDF Viewer SDK for Windows Phone 7

Q: I tested your PDF Viewer Library (PDFNet) for iOS and Android (http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/mobile/ios_pdf_library.html, http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/mobile/android_pdf_library.html).

They work great, but I would also like support for Windows Phone 7. Now I checked your Windows Mobile Viewer but it is only for native code. I need to access the library from C# or VB and would like to sell the app through the Windows Marketplace.

A: Please note that the current version of Windows Mobile Toolkit (native version) can be accessed from C#/VB via wrappers. Starting with Windows Phone 7.5 (a.k.a. Mango) release we are also planning to support 100% managed solution based on SilverDox (http://www.pdftron.com/silverdox/samplecode.html).